Chemical Processing

Chemical processing presents unique challenges with every application. With operating conditions, including extreme temperatures, aggressive media, and abrasive service, these applications frequently require special products and materials to withstand these demanding environments.  OHI understands these requirements and works with our customers to select the optimal material and product solution specific to each application. Customers choose Odin Heavy Industries to reduce their equipment's Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) with our engineering and material expertise.

Chemical Processing Products

Engineered sealing solutions, Valve components, Pump components, Compressor components, PTFE ferrules, Custom gaskets, Chemical resistant fittings & joints, Chemical resistant liners & coatings, Expansion joints, Labyrinth seals, Wear components, Bonding technologies, Material stock shapes, Custom molded products, Custom machined products.

Chemical Processing Applications

Valves, Reciprocating or Rotary Pumps, Chemical Injection Pumps, Reciprocating or Rotary Compressors, & Custom Pipe Connections.

Typical Materials




Literature Update 2/14
OHI releases it's valve design guide. Comprehensive polymer guide which discusses polymer materials and products for valve seats, bearings, seals, and stem packing used in severe service applications.
LNG - Cryoseal
The harsh environments of LNG and Cryogenic applications are no match for Odin Heavy Industries’ Cryoseal.  Partnering OHI's proprietary  polymer material Cryonel with engineered sealing technology creates a robust seal capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -320°F (-196°C).  This technology is applied to OHI’s new line of solutions for stem seals, body seals, and valve seats.
New Product - 600°F Seal Material
OHI launches a new material capable of reaching 600°F. This material has properties similar to PTFE and is an excellent candidate for high pressure and temperature sealing applications.


Material Stock Shapes
OHI offers rods and tubes available in all of our custom compounds, including PTFE. Read more...
Valve Components
OHI manufactures valve seats, stem packing, and wear components. Read more...
Engineered Sealing Solutions
OHI has proven sealing solutions for a wide variety of operating parameters. Read more...
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