Engineering & Design

Odin Heavy Industries is the leader in engineered polymer solutions. Utilizing the most advanced material compounds, manufacturing processes, and engineering expertise, we develop custom solutions to our customer's problems. Focusing on severe service markets such as Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Chemical Processing, Power Generation, and Semiconducter, our customers rely on our material expertise and design and manufacturing support for their critical polymer applications.

Seal & Bearing Design

With years of industry experience, OHI offers proven sealing and bearing products for a wide array of applications. Our application engineering team specializes in product and material selection.  Present us with your operating parameters, and we will recommend a proven solution for your application. If we don’t have a standard product to fit your requirements, our engineering team will develop an innovative solution to meet your system specifications.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Odin Heavy Industries excels at creating innovative solutions to solve difficult applications. OHI partners with our customers to provide design assistance in new product development and legacy product improvement. From lowering torque/friction and reaching extreme pressures and temperatures, to obtaining longer life and operating in corrosive environments, our engineering staff will help develop a solution for your application.

Material Selection

Odin Heavy Industries develops, blends and tests unique and proprietary rubber and plastic compounds. With mechanical and tribological testing capabilities, OHI can help choose the best material suited for your application parameters based on industry experience, mechanical properties, and testing. OHI specializes in high end fluropolymers and elastomers, such as PTFE, PEEK, PCTFE, PFA, PI, PBI, PVDF, and FFKM.

Design for Manufacturability

Odin Heavy Industries develops, blends and test its own unique rubber and plastic compounds. With mechanical and tribological testing capabilities OHI can help you choose the best material for your application. Specializing in high end fluropolymers and elastomers, OHI works with materials such as PTFE, PEEK, PCTFE, PFA, PI, PBI, PVDF, phenolic, and FFKM.

Design Tools

Stage Gate, Lean Six Sigma, Design Programs, Process Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Research & Development, FEA, 3D Modeling, Testing Lab



Literature Update 2/14
OHI releases it's valve design guide. Comprehensive polymer guide which discusses polymer materials and products for valve seats, bearings, seals, and stem packing used in severe service applications.
LNG - Cryoseal
The harsh environments of LNG and Cryogenic applications are no match for Odin Heavy Industries’ Cryoseal.  Partnering OHI's proprietary  polymer material Cryonel with engineered sealing technology creates a robust seal capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -320°F (-196°C).  This technology is applied to OHI’s new line of solutions for stem seals, body seals, and valve seats.
New Product - 600°F Seal Material
OHI launches a new material capable of reaching 600°F. This material has properties similar to PTFE and is an excellent candidate for high pressure and temperature sealing applications.


Material Stock Shapes
OHI offers rods and tubes available in all of our custom compounds, including PTFE. Read more...
Valve Components
OHI manufactures valve seats, stem packing, and wear components. Read more...
Engineered Sealing Solutions
OHI has proven sealing solutions for a wide variety of operating parameters. Read more...
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