Odin Heavy Industries is a leader in engineered polymer solutions. Utilizing the most advanced material compounds, manufacturing processes, and engineering expertise, we develop custom solutions for our customers’ problems. Focusing on severe services markets such as Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Chemical Processing, Power Generation, Aerospace and Semiconductor, our customers rely on our material, design, and manufacturing support for their critical polymer applications.

Manufacturing Capabilities:

Polymer Processing


Compression Molding, Injection Molding, Extrusion, Thermoforming, Transfer & Inset Molding, Isostatic Molding, Elastomer, Compression Molding, Material Development, Custom Compounding, Material Development, Precise Machining, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, & Multi-axis Machines.

High Volume Automated Cells, Prototype & Expediting Cells.

Other Processes

Polymer Welding, Bonding, Composite Fabrication & Molding, Custom Assembly Testing Capabilities, Grinding, Surface Treatment, Clean Room Capabilities.


OHI offers solutions for critical applications in demanding industries such as Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Chemical Processing, Power Generation, Aerospace, and Semiconductor produced In our facility utilizing a Quality Management System certified by PRI Registrar as conforming to ISO 9001:2015.  Our longstanding customer base continues to partner with OHI as their preferred supplier due to our defect-free polymer components and our commitment to quality. Our quality processes provide detailed material and manufacturing traceability for every product, meeting the most stringent industry requirements.


Precision equipment and advanced manufacturing techniques allow us to lead the industry in manufacturing complex parts to tight tolerances. From precision electrical connectors, semiconductor wafer handling equipment, medical devices, implantable components, and orthopedics, OHI has the unsurpassed manufacturing expertise to turn your ideal solution into reality.

Custom Fabrication

Odin Heavy Industries excels at specialized manufacturing to address our customers’ requirements. Our manufacturing team has experience in specialized processes such as thermoplastic welding, unique bonding, complex assembly, special packaging, and white or clean room manufacturing.


Utilizing the latest in mold flow analysis, tooling design, and molding equipment, OHI is able to manufacture complex, tight tolerance molded polymer components. Specializing in PEEK, PTFE, PFA, FEP, and PVDF, we have experience molding finished parts and raw materials for applications in markets such as oil & gas, chemical processing, semiconductor, medical, and aerospace and defense.

Material Development & Compounding

Odin Heavy Industries has in-house blending capabilities, allowing OHI to utilize additives to modify and improve the physical properties of our compounds and enhance the performance of our products. Through years of experience and research, OHI understands the effects, characteristics, and benefits of additives when compounding polymer materials, which is why OHI’s materials have superior properties that out perform our competition. Our experienced material laboratory has capabilities to develop, blend, and test mechanical properties in-house. OHI stays on the forefront of material technology by working with our vast supplier network and committing to continuous research and development of polymer technology, utilizing the latest in polymer resins and process technology at state of the art materials labs and manufacturing facilities.



Literature Update 2/14
OHI releases it's valve design guide. Comprehensive polymer guide which discusses polymer materials and products for valve seats, bearings, seals, and stem packing used in severe service applications.
LNG - Cryoseal
The harsh environments of LNG and Cryogenic applications are no match for Odin Heavy Industries’ Cryoseal.  Partnering OHI's proprietary  polymer material Cryonel with engineered sealing technology creates a robust seal capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -320°F (-196°C).  This technology is applied to OHI’s new line of solutions for stem seals, body seals, and valve seats.
New Product - 600°F Seal Material
OHI launches a new material capable of reaching 600°F. This material has properties similar to PTFE and is an excellent candidate for high pressure and temperature sealing applications.


Material Stock Shapes
OHI offers rods and tubes available in all of our custom compounds, including PTFE. Read more...
Valve Components
OHI manufactures valve seats, stem packing, and wear components. Read more...
Engineered Sealing Solutions
OHI has proven sealing solutions for a wide variety of operating parameters. Read more...
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